House and Residential Concrete Slabs

Great Value, Professional House and Residential Concrete Slabs

We provide a wide range of house and residential concrete slabs for a large number of different uses and land types. As a leading supplier of house and residential concrete slabs, we are regularly contracted by most of the large building developers in and around Coffs Harbour and directly by residential customers. We provide slabs for new homes, garages, sheds, boats and as support for aircon units and pool pumps.

Different types of Concrete Slabs

Essentially, there are 2 different types of slabs. Concrete slabs vary depending on the soil of your plot and how reactive it may be. This is specified in a Class after soil testing is done.

Ground Slabs – These are considered the simplest of slabs. They involve digging trenches around the perimeter and filling with concrete to form a stiffening beam. Next, moisture and termite protection, as well as drainage and electrical conduit, are then positioned before steel reinforcement is laid for the slab. Finally, concrete is then poured creating the slab structure covering the entire floor area.

Waffle Slabs – These can be used where the soil classification and application allow. Simply put, they incorporate polystyrene blocks throughout the structure to considerably reduce the amount of concrete used.

JZ Concrete – Our Full Concreting Services

  • House and Residential Concrete Slabs and Foundations
  • Industrial, Civil & Commercial projects
  • Large or small-scale projects
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Decorative finishes
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Concrete repairs & remediation
  • Burnished & Polished Concrete

Dedicated to Exceptional Service and Value

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship whilst maintaining very competitive pricing. Furthermore, we strive to keep every job site a safe and tidy environment. Our team are respectful of your property and will not leave debris or rubbish behind.

JZ Concrete are a long-standing, trusted and reputable concreting business in Coffs Harbour, specialising in all aspects of concrete services. Contact us today to get a quote on your concrete slab requirements.